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General Description

Our estimate comprises all pieces of equipment required for establishing 1 pc. Micro-Brew-ery. Basically, the equipment comprises brewhouse, yeast- and storage tanks, serving tanks, KEGs and bottle fillers together with compressor units and refrigeration plant.             

The brewhouse includes mash tun, Lauter tun, whirlpool, and Wort Cooler. The Lauter tun and Whirlpool are built together in one and the same tank. On one side of the tanks there is a platform, from which the entire brewhouse is operated.

The tanks are designed with a copper cladding and will be highly presentable and look very handsome in your restaurant. All the less presentable pieces of equipment such as piping, valves, wires etc. are hidden underneath the platform and cannot be seen from the restau-rant.

The brew batch is 5 hl and is designed for brewing via infusion. The brew batch may be reduced, however, consideration being had to the efficiency of the Lauter and whirlpool. The brewing plant is designed permitting both top- and bottom fermented beer.

The plant is operated from an operator panel - a 10” touch screen with PLC control – positioned at the platform between the tanks. The control system is made to the effect that the brewing process is done automatically and therefore there will no need for you to be present at the brewhouse all the time.

The control system of the brewhouse includes also temperature control of the yeast tanks.

Heating of the brewing plant is done electrically by means of hot oil thus avoiding the instal-lation, operation and supervision of a steam plant.

For treating of the malt a malt mill is supplied – with hopper and bag table.

From the brewing plant the wort is cooled down automatically to the required temperature, then the wort is aerated until the right level has been achieved. Subsequently the wort is pumped to the yeast tanks positioned in the room behind the brewing plant.

In the room containing the brewing tanks – the tanks are expected to be positioned as shown in your drawing, where the serving tanks are placed on a platform above the yeast tanks, i.e. at a height of 3 meters. Please see the enclosed layout proposal.

For transportation of the wort and beer between the yeast tanks and the serving tanks a minor pump is installed. The pump is also used for CIP cleaning of the plant (CIP = Clean In Place). Cleaning of the plant is an integrated part of the control system and the boiling vat is used as CIP tank.

From the serving tanks a Pyton snake is drawn to the bar – either via the planned piping in the floor or via stainless steel pipes/copper pipes – to the bar.

Supplied are also compressor with filters, valves and cooling drier for the production of compressed air (foodstuff quality). For cooling purposes a cooling unit with circulating pump is included.

The estimate does not include a hot water tank, as this tank will not be needed in the brewing process, CIP or for another purpose. Heating of water for mashing and sparkling is done in the boiling vat and the cooling water from the wort cooling is accumulated in the boiling vat. The accumulated cooling water may subsequently be used for another brew or for CIP cleaning purposes.

All pipes and connections are manufactured in sanitary design and are in accordance with all European regulations in force – covering sanitary installations.

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